Last update: 2022 04 15

Nonlinear Acoustics Society of Japan is an academic voluntary association organized to promote research of nonlinear acoustics and to disseminate new findings and information through the research activity. Nonlinear acoustics is an interdisciplinary subject based on physics and chemistry, and related to various fields such as electrical, mechanical, material, medical engineering, and oceanography. In light of such a great diversity, a center pin of the research must be nonlinear mathematics. The activity of the society is limited domestic but it hosted the 10th International Symposium of Nonlinear Acoustics held in Kobe (1984) and the 19th symposium in Tokyo (2012).

The society was founded in 1981 with about 30 members, and it celebrates the 40th anniversary in 2021, though the pandemic by the corona virus inhibited the ceremonial meeting. The society holds annually an informal and friendly symposium in a summer resort Karuizawa sponsored by Kato Foundation of Promotion of Science, and also co-hosts some symposia and meetings. We are looking forward to welcoming your participation.

Takeru YANO, President